Bye Bye, PHP 5.3!

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It has been a long time since PHP 5.3 was declared unsupported, while we continued to support it at Test Collab.

Test Collab version 1.8.2 will be our last release to support PHP 5.3. Our next releases 1.9.0 and onwards will no longer support PHP 5.3 and will need at least PHP 5.4 or onwards to run properly.

Test case distribution report now launched!

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We just released new test case distribution report. It’ll be available under Project Menu > Reports

Self-hosted versions price revision

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With effect from 15th June, 2015 – the prices for self-hosted versions will be revised from $150/user to $200/user. Unlimited user license will be revised from $8000 to $9500.

Save big on self-hosted license if you decide to buy before 15th June.

New execution interface

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Currently our test execution popup works well for many teams where sequential-execution is a must. But it has a drawback: flexibility.
Many teams need flexibility in their testing without enforcing order of test cases execution. We’ve now made such a scenario possible with new execution interface. So, instead of popup, your test case information is displayed side-by-side as test cases tree list. This means, you can jump to any test case or suite in middle of execution and come back to test case where you left, very easily.

This feature is currently alpha and is available on request while we collect more feedback from users. It will be available as configurable option on all instances soon.

Jan 14, 2015: Unpexpected outages in last 24 hours

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First off, we apologize to all our hosted customers for two consecutive outages in last 24 hours which resulted in downtime of 15 minutes and 60 minutes respectively.

What went wrong?
Our billing server had an unexpected issues at data center which required a manual restart – this should have been simple enough. But due to some issue, server was stuck while restart operation. Although the application server (HTTP Server + DB) was running all the time during both outages, it interacts with billing server – and when it failed to do so, many of you saw following error:
“Plan for this account has been expired. Contact your account owner”

What we’re doing to avoid this in future?
Note: As much as I’d like to put this in simple words but if you’re not a web expert you might not understand this part but we’d still like to keep things transparent with all of you.

  • Response from billing server will be cached for longer time period – so downtime on billing server won’t affect the application functioning.
  • DNS Cache times will be increased, so any failure on DNS servers won’t affect application accessibility for those with almost expiring DNS cache records.
  • We’re also considering new options to communicate with our customers during downtime.
  • First two changes are to be implemented immediately within 48 hours.

    Once again, we apologize for this inconvenience.

    Test Collab 1.6 released: Assembla and Github Integrations, Execution reports and more

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    We are proud to announce the release of Test Collab 1.6 today with several important features and enhancements.

    Asembla & Github integrations
    Now you can link Test Collab with Asembla & Github issue managers.
    Assembla Integration Guide, Github Integration Guide

    Execution Report
    Create customized reports, view trends of your test data along with many important test metrics.

    JIRA REST API Integration

    New User Interface

    Requirements management feature is out of beta with many improvements

    Test Collab 1.5 launched, introducing Test Case versioning, Active directory integration and custom fields for test cases

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    We are happy to announce the release of Test Collab v1.5. This version introduces Test Case versioning, Active directory integration and custom fields for test cases. Complete changelog of 1.5 is as follows:

    #6007 Feature: Executor name should be shown on test case index of bi-integration panel
    #5959 Bug: CSV Export has issues with special characters
    #5943 Feature: Encrypt external passwords and api keys before storing in database
    #5942 Feature: Test case versioning of custom fields
    #5915 Bug: Autocomplete for suite dashboard and execution assign fails if regular expression special characters are present
    #5900 Feature: Revision note field on test case edit form
    #5840 Feature: Test case versioning
    #4641 Feature: Execution start and end timestamps
    #3366 Feature: View own execution permission
    #3306 Feature: LDAP and Active directory integration for user authentication
    #2958 Requirement: Custom fields for test cases
    #2897 Requirement: How a role assigned to a user can be changed?
    #2704 Bug: Order of test cases in Tracibility matrix
    #3848 Feature: Xml import of test cases and suites
    #4605 Bug: Editing project level test automation settings (parameters) aren’t reflected immediately on ‘test automate’ page
    #5056 Bug: All tags cannot be removed from a test case
    #4543 Bug: If there are no test suites and cases in a project then clicking Search or Reset buttons on suites manage redirect me to project’s dashboard
    #4511 Bug: Checkbox are shown on all columns of tree
    #3459 Bug: At the time of editing a test execution, related (though archived) milestone should be shown selected
    #1944 Bug: user should not be able to delete a role which is already assigned to some users
    #5774 Feature: Improve import processing screen
    #5727 Feature: Suite Hierarchy structure on copy from other project
    #5567 Feature: Unfuddle custom fields with select type and their option ids
    #5021 Feature: Change all flash charts to JS
    #4800 Feature: Test run templates
    #4617 Feature: Implement new responsive select list on export page
    #4353 Feature: Improve import from other project
    #4316 Feature: Reusable steps after import (copy) should expand as separate steps
    #4027 Feature: Option to copy test suite
    #5250 Enhancement: ajax url should be independent of siteUrl in the config
    #2957 Requirement: Export execution report
    #4618 Enhancement: Suites dashboard state should be sharable.
    #4520 Enhancement: Automatically set the selected suite as parent when redirecting to add test case page from suites manage page
    #4519 Enhancement: Auto complete on suites combo on add test case
    #4476 Enhancement: Sorted tree structure for suites selection for various pages
    #4475 Enhancement: Sorted tree structure for suites on Export page
    #4462 Enhancement: When a limited rights user is to be shown “No Access” message, can we redirect him to last used (referer) page in place of the dashboard or project’s overview page ?
    #4444 Enhancement: Better responsive select box for large list
    #3635 Enhancement: Title of newly copied test case should be unqiue
    #3927 Feature: Automatic redirection to the requested page after user has logged in

    JIRA 6 plugin for two-way integration with Test Collab

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    Many of you asked for it, so here it is. We are sorry for a little delay in this release – but now it is here and ready to use. Visit Downloads page.
    For those of you who missed our little demo on two-way integration, please take a look at our previous blog post on Two-way integration. Note that we have used Redmine to prepare a video demonstration, same features and functionality is available on JIRA 5 and 6 versions.
    We hope you’ll like this release and as always for any support, queries and feedback – feel free.

    Test Automation for Windows and Linux

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    Imagine being able to track your manual and automated test results from a same place. Sounds cool right? With Test Collab not only you can do exactly that but also assign tests to human or machine with just a few clicks without messing up with a dozen APIs or doing custom code. The bottom line is:

    1. You create test and store them in your test case manager so other team members can run it.
    2. Few of these tests are automated too.
    3. But there is no easy way to keep track of automated results for each test. Okay, maybe your build server does that but then again you have to check test results at two different places: Test Case manager for manual test and Build server for automated test.
    4. And to run manual test, you will assign an execution to your team. Similarly you will trigger a new build on your build server for running automated tests.


      We know this is unproductive so we bring you our new improved remote executor.

    For people who never read about remote executors yet, here’s a quick summary: Test Collab Remote Executor turns your machine into a test slave which is used to run automated tests. It posts all necessary info produced while testing to Test Collab server for analysis. Check the how-to screen cast here (little outdated) – it isn’t best explanation but will help you in a basic way. For further help, you can always reach our support team.

    While we launched this quite a while back, but now we revamped the whole thing and added support for linux platform too. This is first stable release of our remote executor. Download here

    Test Collab 1.2 launched!

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    With the current release 1.2, we introduce trial version for self hosted in middleware and Virtual machine format. So far trial was available only on our hosted platform, but now you can try Test Collab on your own infrastructure for 30 days. To choose right package for you, please go to our new trial page.

    Apart from that we’ve introduced some new features and bug fixes. Here’s the complete change log:




    Hierarchy of Test Suites not shown correctly on test case add page




    Multiple user integration not documented





    Document jira custom fields integration process





    Deleted Execution’s name missing on activity on production





    In production, attachments are always private irrespective of settings




    No permission for requirement





    Incomplete info on activities





    ‘Filter By Requirements’ did not work for limited rights user





    Tracability Matrix could be seen even when user had ‘No Access’ to requirements module




    Automatic redirection to the requested page after user has logged in




    Names of deleted milestones and executions not shown in activity list




    Custom field not shown with issue created on JIRA





    Warnings related to resources especially Images





    Suites drop down’s structure on upload CSV page





    Suite name same as deleted suite is not allowed





    Suite not shown expanded, when its case was being viewed while navigating on suites dashboard




    Editing a test or a suite makes it last child of its parent suite.





    Changing suite of a test cases doesn’t update sort order on test case




    Breadcrumb missing on milestone view page





    Ability to send emails to all administrator





    Copy test case functionality

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