Test Collab on cloud

Instant setup, secure in the cloud.

  • Get started in minutes
  • Managed by our professional team
  • Secure, reliable and always upto date

Users Monthly Cost Yearly Cost
1-4 $25/ user $250/ user
5-9 $23/ user $230/ user
10-19 $20/ user $200/ user
20+ $18/ user $180/ user
Unlimited* $3600 $40,000
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Test Collab Self-Hosted

Download, install and host Test Collab on your own server.

  • Hosted on your own network
  • Managed by your team
  • Ability to customize

Users Included Cost
3 $600/ year
5 $1,000/year
10 $2,000/ year
15 $2,700/year
25 $4000/ year
50 $5,500/year
100 $8,000/ year
250 $12,500/year
Unlimited $20,000/year

All packages Includes

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited test suites & test cases
  • Unlimited test executions

Pricing FAQs

Do I need a hosted solution?

A hosted solution allows you to have your Test Collab instance set up in seconds with no dedicated IT resources necessary. Test Collab will run and maintain your instance on our own servers and deal with all the testing, monitoring and upgrading processes for you.

Can I cancel subscription any time?

Yes. You may cancel your subscription at anytime.

Do you offer money-back guarantee?

Yes we offer 15 days money back guarantee along with that we also offer 14-day free trial on hosted plans, so we give you enough time to explore the software and make sure it’ll work for you.

Can I install Test Collab on my own server?

If you wish to install it on your own server you can purchase Self-hosted plan.

Do you offer free upgrades and support?

For hosted plans, all upgrades and support are free while your subscription is active.

Can I change plans anytime?

Changing plans is really simple. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time by going to the “change plan” tab. If you are upgrading to a higher plan, you will be prorated the difference for that month.