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  • Test Case Management

    Plan ahead of time
    Plan different tests with milestones, set a deadline and responsible team member for it.

    Single window for many operations
    Spend less time by using a single window for commonly used functions like prioritize, sorting, re-grouping and viewing tests.

    Reusable Steps or Macros
    Setup your own reusable steps with a unique identifier which can be entered in several test cases without typing the actual content again-n-again.

    Assign tests to multiple testers
    Assign multiple testers to work in parallel, get notified about the results automatically via emails.

    Let your team members communicate on test results. Team members can chitchat on test result, discuss each others suggestions, comment on results and assign specific test for ‘re-test’.

    Link common test suites across multiple projects
    Several types of test cases repeats across multiple projects, Group them in different test suites and link such test suites across various projects to save hours of time in entering duplicate test cases.

  • Seamless Integrations

    Integrates with various issue manager
    Native integrations with some best of the defect management systems closes the loop between testers and developers. As soon as tester marks a test as ‘failure’, a new defect can be created instantly in your defect management system so developers can act on it.

    Two-way integration
    Create test cases and test executions from within your issue manager, no need to double login at your Test Collab portal. We give you complete test management inside the issue manager itself. (currently available for JIRA and Redmine)

    Test Automation
    Integrate any test automation tool with Test Collab and delegate execution to several machines in parallel.

    Pre-defined fields for Issue Managers
    Automatically assign all outgoing issues from Test Collab in your own issue manager to a specific developer, or select specific version etc. with the help of pre-defined issue manager fields.

    Automatically attaches the files or artifacts uploaded by the tester while test execution to your issue manager in case of a failure.

    Build your own integration with our API
    If your issue manager is not supported by Test Collab out-of-the-box, you can still write your own integration with our easy to use code hooks and API.

  • Reporting

    Dashboard for bird-eye view on performance
    See what’s going on in your team from the single page, find out number of test passed or failed in a given time range with charts, Keep track of your approaching deadlines with milestones.

    Automated Time Tracker
    In-built time tracker which enables you to measure how much time your testers are spending on an individual test case or combined test plan.

    Key Metrics
    Monitor various built-in reports and test metrics on various pages: Metrics like time spent in testing, time spent in an individual test case, test failed or passed in a week/day and many more.

    Test Execution Reports
    See how testing went and view test results after a test plan is finished. See tons of information like, number of test cases passed, failed, skipped, time spent overall, time spent on an individual test case. Request re-test or override test result, Invite developers to comment on any executed test case.

  • Flexibility

    Permissions & Roles
    Create your own roles based on pre-defined permissions, assign different roles to your team members in different projects.

    Custom Parameters
    Create various fields like environment, components, module or whatever you want to name it as per your company’s standards. Plan, Assign, Execute tests and View Reports based on these parameters.

    Automated Skip Rules for tests
    Define automated skip rules on test execution for different set of customized parameters so that your testers don’t execute unnecessary test for a specific environment or version etc. nor they have to play by the guess-work.

    Flexible Deployment
    Deploy either on our cloud or your own infrastructure.

    Customizable Email Templates & Notifications
    Customize your email templates which are sent to your team members at various actions. Let users setup their own email notifications preferences.

  • Ease Of Use

    No Learning Curve
    Our simple UI and guided tour helps you getting started in minutes, not days or weeks. Whole team can instantly learn the software and get started with it.

    Import test cases
    Instantly import your test cases from the test case manager you use currently with our CSV import feature.

    Test Execution Popup
    Testers can report results from a small popup which doesn’t eat up full screen of their PC, so they can report test results along with performing the actual operation required for testing. As soon as a result is reported, next test case is shown from the plan with necessary instructions to execute it.

    Time Forecasting
    View system generated estimation about time required on your test plan after you create one, and plan accordingly.

    Work with speed
    AJAX based interface to do things faster. Entering new test cases or executing tests with our unique and improved approach takes much lesser time than traditional test case management tools.