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How To Reuse Test Cases Across Multiple Projects to Save Time and Money

We all know the feeling of how frustrating it is to write a new test case for every application we want to test. It’s not just a waste of time, but also a waste of effort! Imagine a world where you can test your application without having to start from scratch. Introducing: TestCollab’s, Reusable suites, where you can write and reuse your test cases over and over again across multiple projects.

What are the advantages of reusing test cases?


Faster development cycle – There are less test cases to be written, which means you’ll save a lot of time and energy. You do not have to spend time rewriting the same test case over and over again, which leads to a quicker development cycle.

Save Money– If a feature changes, you only have to update one test case instead of updating several test cases across numerous projects. This results in a lower maintenance cost.

Effective – Test cases are written for specific features rather than the whole project, giving extra attention to each feature and resulting in more robust tests.


How to reuse test cases across multiple projects?


That’s what we’re here for 🙂 A new TestCollab feature: Reusable suites that lets you use test cases among multiple projects.

Lets say you have a test suite called “Billing” in Project A. Now, your team started a new project called Project B, which also need the same “Billing” test cases.


You can see how reusable suites feature works in this video-




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Test Case management is now affordable!


Most small teams lack the infrastructure and resources to do testing effectively – and they lack the knowledge and ability to select the right tools for the job. In order to solve this problem, we have introduced our Basic plan.

An excellent option for companies switching from Excel to test management software is the basic plan. You can have unlimited test cases and test runs. No more messy spreadsheets!

Plan starts at $17 per user.

Basic plan includes all free plan features plus:

  • Unlimited Test Cases
  • Unlimited Test Runs
  • Unlimited Activity Log
  • Export CSV
  • Priority chat support

The all-new TestCollab is here! 🚀

Our team worked on almost 2 years to create a whole new TestCollab based on feedback we received over the past 10 years.


What’s new in TestCollab 2?

– Brand New interface with focus on awesome UX

– Bulk actions for test cases and plans

– Better ability to filter including custom field filters, and saved filters

– In app notifications for work that is relevant

– Comments with @mention so you can mention team mate and they are notified. Also, comments can now be added to Test cases too.

– Keep tabs on work across multiple projects using ‘My tasks’ page

– Improved Jira Integration with ability to link existing bugs

– Ability for testers to update test case while running it.

– Test Runs to create a new run cycle for same Test Plan

– Configurations feature to generate multiple Test Plans

-You can also export results for a Test Plan for all configurations, so you can see that “test case A” Passed in windows and ubuntu but failed on Mac.

– You can now filter your test cases as well as test results and export in CSV. For example, find failed test cases from a Test Plan and export them or find test cases tagged as “need-update” and export them.

– Global custom fields can be added to all projects and you can also display custom fields in test case table.

– Our new import process is very intuitive, you can import test cases in one suite, or even create new suite from CSV or you can import test cases in multiple suites at once. We also have more advanced mapping in import too.

– Detailed activity log

– We have added new reports based on feedback from customers, like user workload, activity report, run comparison report, burn down for Test Plan. Excel export is great for creating custom reports too.

– A defect tab is added to project so you can see all bugs posted from Jira to Test Collab at one page rather than going to each Test Plan.

– Test Plan folders are also introduced so you can also group your test plans together.

and a lot more…


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Gitlab Test Management now available!

I am happy to announce that we have launched Gitlab integration with Test Collab. Now, all your failed test cases can be reported to Gitlab in a single click to your Gitlab as bugs so that you can focus your efforts on quality assurance rather than switching between different softwares.

Once you have setup Gitlab integration you can also get requirements from Gitlab linked with test cases in Test Collab so that you can have a better traceability and coverage analysis.

You can do following with Gitlab integration-


– Link Gitlab requirements or user stories to your test cases

– Create Test Executions on basis of Gitlab requirements or user stories

– Automatically push failed test cases to Gitlab as bugs

– Automatically close Gitlab bugs once the failed test case is passed.

– Generate Test Coverage report for Gitlab user stories or requirements


I hope you will find it useful. Try it out yourself with our free trial-