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Test Collab outage 5 December 2017: Issue rectified

As some of you may have noticed that we had an outage for quite a few hours. The issue was caused by manual error on production server at December 5, 22:00 PM. We were able to bring systems back up at December 6, 03:11:20 IST. We’ll be working on new measures to make sure such errors are not caused in future.

Test Collab’s new version: JIRA Cloud bi-directional integration, automatic screenshot upload and 4 new integrations

We are proud to announce the launch of Test Collab 1.16. This release aims to improve tester’s productivity and adds new integrations with your favorite tools.


JIRA Cloud bi-directional Integration

Test Collab can now be used inside your JIRA cloud instance. You can create/manage test cases and test executions directly from your JIRA cloud instance. JIRA cloud Plugin can be obtained from JIRA marketplace
If you are a JIRA self-hosted user, check this listing


Automatic Screenshot Upload

This feature is going to save a lot of time for testers. While testing when a bug is encountered, a tester usually has to attach a screenshot to a failed test case along with necessary information about the error. We’ve automated a part of that workflow and now attaching/annotating screenshot is done in single key-press. Forget about saving file in a directory and then attaching to your case, just click Print-Screen and it’s automatically uploaded.

Check out this video below to see it in action:



New Integrations

We’ve also release support for new integrations with these tools: Trello, Asana, YouTrack and Team Foundation server. You can see list of all our integrations.

Would you like to suggest a new ideas for our next release? Please get in touch.

Introducing Test Collab Docker image for self-hosted users

We’ve just launched our Docker image to help users who like to self-host Test Collab. It speeds up whole setup process to another scale, so we’ve been looking forward to this from sometime now.

We’ve also removed Test Collab VM appliance as they make little sense to maintain after Docker image. Besides, running VM as production required some configuration changes which often confused users. With docker all of that goes away.

Get started with your self-hosted free trial with Docker image today!

Unexpected downtime: 1 August 2016

Update: As of 9:20 AM GMT, 1 Aug 2016, all services are up and running normally. Thanks for your patience!

Today, because of bug in our server cleanup system few of the instances suffered data loss. As a best practice to ensure data integrity, we have decided to rollback to a backup of few hours ago. This migration will be over within 2 hours (By 8.30 AM GMT, 1 Aug 2016) and all services will be back to normal.

Meanwhile, We’ll be online on chat and reply any emails if you need any more information.

Test Collab v1.12 released: Introducing Test Plans, Improved Requirements Management and coverage reports

We’re proud to announce our latest release Test Collab v1.12, which introduces Test Plans, an in-built requirements management engine, new coverage reports: for entire project, version-wise and module-wise and several enhancements and bug fixes.

Test Plans
You can now contain multiple test executions under one entity, i.e., test plan. Besides acting as a parent for multiple test executions, you can also use test plans to mix-and-combine multiple configuration values for creating multiple test executions. Consider this example:

Continue reading

Our latest addition: Execution templates, because we love DRY

Creating same kind of test executions is a hassle, especially when you find yourself selecting same set of cases again and again. Test Collab introduces a feature of Execution Templates with this release, and as the name suggests, based on these templates new Test Executions can be created quickly.

Test execution creation process requires the user to select the set of suites having the test cases that he wants to be executed and the tester who will be responsible to execute them. Continue reading

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