9 things I wish I knew about CI/CD pipelines during first year of my start-up

We’ve been installing some upgrades to our release pipeline here at Test Collab. Such upgrades give you a good opportunity to find your past mistakes and eliminate them altogether. While doing so, I thought it’ll be good to share what I learned about continuous integration during lifetime of Test Collab and before.

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The biggest lie by test automation tools vendors: Record & forget

While working with some of my clients, I realized how easy it is to push a test automation tool in organization. Managers are suckers for productivity tools, including myself. If you can prove to me that $x improves my team’s productivity by y%, there you go, you sold me. No questions asked! Right? Test automation tools fall under same category, easy to showcase and sell, but hard to implement.

Why hard to implement? And what you really need to know before you acquire a new tool or planning your test automation strategy?

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Using Docker to manage and replicate test environments

About 5 years back I started this business, Test Collab, ever since then I was fortunate enough to work with so many developers, managers and testers. From micro-ISVs to Fortune 500 companies, I just loved how different people can give you so many diverse ideas.

So today I’m going to talk about an idea, or let’s call it a solution, if you will.


The problem

When you are manually testing an app, you have to deploy it again and again. To save time, some teams use shared testing environments, i.e. one app instance is used across whole team for testing (Not good – as it increases false bug reports).
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Unexpected downtime: 1 August 2016

Update: As of 9:20 AM GMT, 1 Aug 2016, all services are up and running normally. Thanks for your patience!

Today, because of bug in our server cleanup system few of the instances suffered data loss. As a best practice to ensure data integrity, we have decided to rollback to a backup of few hours ago. This migration will be over within 2 hours (By 8.30 AM GMT, 1 Aug 2016) and all services will be back to normal.

Meanwhile, We’ll be online on chat and reply any emails if you need any more information.

5 impactful questions a test management tool will answer in your team

Imagine you’ve joined a new organization as a QA manager and you see a great product. The product you think which can be next big thing.

Sure your new company isn’t where it can be right now, but it has huge potential.


So as a QA manager or anyone in charge of quality for that matter, where will you begin your job?

In most cases, companies hire staff for testing and leave them on their own. So when you are all alone against big responsibility, what to do?

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Step-by-step guide to integrate Ranorex Test Automation with Test Collab

Ranorex is easy-to-use test automation software (yet available for Windows OS only). A step-by-step wizard helps to set up the test environment and quickly get started.

For Windows application development and testing, it makes perfect sense.

Non-programmers can use the script-free drag & drop functionality, whereas professional programmers can use an API for C# and VB.NET to enhance their test suites and recordings.

It has a powerful GUI recognition covers all requirements in terms of accuracy and unique identification. It will recognize and find the element anyway even if the button’s shape or color changes. Facility to reuse code and action modules across multiple test cases with click & go functionality. This will save a lot of time when changing multiple test cases. Recording tests is very simple. Just press the record button, start your manual testing and It remembers all of the steps. Delete redundant steps with an easy-to-use editor.
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