´╗┐Lighthouse Test Management integration with Test Collab

A default LightHouse settings form have 5 pre-entered fields:

project_id (required) : This the Id of project and be fteched from url of ticket creation for exmaple in xyz.lighthouseapp.com/projects/79931-some-project/tickets/new, 79931 is the project id.

assigned_user_id : To get id of user to whom ticket should be assigned, open page source of create ticket page and search for “ticket_assigned_user_id” see the value attribute of options tags to fetch the assigned_user_id

milestone_id : This Id of milstone to which ticket can be assigned. Open page source of create ticket page and search for “ticket_milestone_id”, value attribute┬á options tags which are next to select box with id attribute ticket_milestone_id are id’s of milestone.

state : This state of ticekt. Enter the name as they appear in select box on ticket create page.

tag : This field is for tags that can be accosiated with the ticket.Enter a comma seprated list for this.