Load Xen will help you build highly scalable apps

Load Xen helps you scaling your application by simulating thousands or millions of virtual users to your application.

Why Load Xen?

Scale up with your own targets 

We understand that everyone has different goals while scaling up their app, that is why you can create your test with your own load parameters and move up as your app gain more and more users.

Customized scenarios for real simulations

Your tests are highly flexible, which means you can program different real-user-like scenarios in requests. For example, your simulation(test) can login to your app, then submit a form, based on the response of form, go to next page, and then logout.

Highly focused & intelligent analysis

Analyze your app's performance metrics in-depth. We offer you overall analysis with key metrics which are most important for you to drive conclusions on how the test went. Pin point to a single second and look at range of metrics for that instant. Analyze right points in timeline where problem actually began.

Our Features

keeping it simple with precision!

Simulate many parallel users

Simulate hundreds, thousands or even millions of virtual users to your application for your desired duration.

Real-user like interactions

Forget dummy bots - create interactions that look like a real user to your application.

Flexible scripting

Write complicated scenarios that simulates sequential actions, form submissions, session management and much more.

Randomize request data

Randomize how virtual user send requests to your server, i.e., Different user logins, create / access different records etc.

Real-time reporting

See how your application is reacting while test runs. Eevery response time, status code and metrics will be on your fingertips.

Concurrent tests

Run several tests in parallel on one application or more than one application. Also test different micro-services together.

All HTTP verbs supported

Perform all possible HTTP actions: GET, POST, PATCH, PUT, DELETE and more, even the less popular ones!

Advanced statistical analysis

We convert large statistical jargon and data into easy to understand metrics so you can interpret results easily.

Multi-request test

Test more than one request in your load test. Each user can send more than one request, if needed.


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Pricing FAQs

What are VU's and how are they calculated?

Virtual users are counted & billed based on your plan's VU limit and maximum allowed duration. Let's take an example: If you have a free plan (Plan allows: 100 VU's & 2 hour max. duration), and you run following test:

First example: Parallel users: 20, Duration: 10 minutes           Billed VU's = Parallel users * Max. allowed duration, so in this case 20 * 1 = 20 billed VU's. The minimum time unit is based on the plan's allowed duration, so even if you run a test for 1 minute or 2 hours, it'll bill same VU's. 

Second example: Parallel users: 20, Duration: 3 hours Here you're using two units of allowed time (as your plan allows 2 hours duration) So, Billed VU's = 20 * 2 = 40. Even if you run this test for 4 hours, the billed VUs would stay 40.

What are the limitations of free plan?

In free plan you get all features of paid plans but you get 100 VU per month. Unlike paid plans, in free plan at the end of the month all unused VU's will not be added to your next months credits.

Do you offer yearly plans?

If you pay for a year upfront (optional) you are eligible for a 25% discount.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept MasterCard, Visa or American Express. For customers on an annual subscription plan, we also accept bank transfers or checks.

Can I change my plan?

Changing plans is really simple. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan any time from your account. No minimum contract.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes. You may cancel your subscription anytime.

Still have more questions?

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