Take control of everything important from main dashboard

Important testing metrics, project quality trend, reported defects, time spent and more...

Click & Execute 

Assign new testing tasks to your testers -or- see how the last testing session went in few clicks.

Manage all your test cases easily

See all your test cases categorized in one place with extensive history, change log and versions.

Detailed Execution report

See what your testers have tested and what was the result for each and every case with insightful metrics.

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Intelligent  Reporting

See reports that matter. See which areas of your application your test cases cover
Build custom reports for important business decisions.


Integrate with your issue manager to speed up feedback cycles.
Use bi-directional integration to create test cases and executions straight from your issue manager.

Way more than test management, it'll give you Test Intelligence!

Plan ahead of time

Start defining test cases right from the start of a project or sprint. Document Requirements, Features & Scenarios and configurations.

No learning curve

Built with 'speed' as focus. We've paid special attention to interface so it is easy to get started for all your team members: managers, test leads and developers.

Security and privacy

All your communication is secured with 256-bit SSL encryption – the same security protocol as online banking.  Automated Data backups for hosted  users.

Enjoy platform independence

Setup on our cloud or your own infrastructure, we give you full flexibility. For self-hosted, use our Virtual machine image or middleware setup and Install on Windows, Linux or Mac.

Custom filters and fields

See test cases or executions related to your current situation or context. Want to see how your last 10 integration tests went? or how a specific module was tested? You got it!

Test Automation

Integrate any test automation tool with Test Collab and delegate execution to several machines in parallel at no extra cost.

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