Test management tool to help development teams carry out testing effectively and avoid failures.

Test management with intelligence so you stay ahead

Power in your hands!

Save your test cases, executions, test plans, requirements and milestones in one place - so everyone in your team knows what to do without you sending any manual emails or starting chats.

Visualize what matters

Visualize quality and trends overtime. See weak points on your application, or individual versions. Get automated time estimate for testing activity before critical releases. Discover how good/bad your last sprint was.

Easy communication

Communicate to get results without opening any email or chat threads. Close communication gaps between developers and testers with direct comments on test executions. Immediately delegate work to testers and get results.

Test Collab helps you solve quality issues before they get out of your hands!

Release Confidently

Address critical quality related issues before they turn into a problem. Once you do that you'll never worry about release days ever again!

Cut Costs By 2x

Do you really need to hire a new tester? Are you really getting enough output from your testers? You can have answers to all these questions.

Avoid Wasted Time

Easily create testing plans in advance so your team doesn't stay in dark of what lies ahead. No more blame game, only productive results.

Greg Richburg,

Netricks Inc

The thing I love most about Test Collab is how fast it has made our manual testing. By morning I can assign my team on specific parts of the application to test, and within 2 hours I'll get results because everyone now know what they're supposed to do..”

Integrate with the software you love.

Integrations with some best of the defect management systems closes the loop between testers and developers. As soon as tester marks a test as 'failure', a new defect can be created instantly in your defect management system so developers can act on it.

→ Test Collab automatically pushes new issues in your issue manager when a test is failed.

→ Issue status are automatically updated from your issue manager to Test Collab.

→ Use bi-directional integration to create and manage test cases directly from issue manager. Bi-directional is currently available for Jira, and Redmine

Test Collab provides Integration with-

  Active Directory  -  Asana  -  Assembla  -  Bugzilla  -  Fogbugz  -  Github  -  JIRA  -  Lighthouse  -  Mantis        Pivotal Tracker  -  Redmine  -  TFS  -  Trac  -  Trello  -  Unfuddle  -  Youtrack

What People Are Saying

My biggest challenge was working with remote teams. Because these teams are working day and night. No hour is passed when we're not testing. I was wasting all my time talking to these teams until I discovered your app.

- QA Manager, a Fortune 500 company

In mobile app development we usually have more testing work than we can handle. Sometimes even we don't know what's out there to be worked on and tested. Test Collab has helped me streamline all this, now me and my team can estimate how long it's going to test a particular feature instead of guessing.

- Test Lead, UK's ranking financial trading company

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