Our Story

I started my professional journey as a freelancer in 2003 and then soon after I turned it into a small business building web apps with a team of five programmers. This business is called Giga Promoters.

We spent several years in learning and making development process easy for our whole team.

I read and experimented, A LOT! Technologies, tools, new practices and what not..

After spending half a decade in services, I was attracted to product development as an obvious way to deliver more value to customers. This lead us to develop our first product, Crowd Vox, a web-based content management system which received fair amount of success.

We learned a lot from designing and marketing whole product in-house. We also noticed some issues and made notes of it, one of the biggest problems we noticed was a lack of good test management system that fit our needs.

From all this knowledge and experience we learned from product development – we knew something could be done.
We started working on this tool in late 2010 and by January 2011 we had private beta ready.

Development was easy, coming up with a name that everyone could agree on – not so much. Several hours of debate and we decided to name this product, Test Collab.

We stayed in private beta for three months during which we collected and processed decent amount of feedback.

There were many problems to solve and not enough time. I kept a notepad which had list of all problems close to my bed which I would obsessively start reading as soon as I woke up.

After many 16 hours+ workdays, Test Collab was ready to be launched publicly.

I took a day off to celebrate and launched it in March 2011. Soon after the launch we saw rising demand of feature requests and enhancements. We prioritized and built on these customer demands – which proved to be a great strategy at that time.

Like any startup we had our highs and lows and still have. Highs when several Fortune 500 companies would take a demo in one month and constantly interact with us, or even thank us for building something they liked and used so often. Extreme lows, when a bad configuration would mess up with whole server architecture and there’s nothing you could do but wait – and same clients were mad at you.

We’ve been evolving by day and take pride in being data driven startup. Although the biggest asset for us are our customers who provide us with all sorts of great ideas to work on.

We, as Test Collab team has grown and learned a lot in last couple of years which will give us a great edge in marketplace over next years.

Thank you for reading this.

– Abhimanyu Grover
Founder, Test Collab