What is a QA Software and do I need one?

QA software is an application that helps carrying out software quality assurance (SQA or software QA).

Software QA is the process of ensure software quality. It includes various tasks like functional testing, source code quality and performance testing, just to name a few.

For some, Quality assurance (or QA) might also be needed to be in compliance with some certifications (ISO 9001 or CMMI) which plays important role in establishing organisation's credibility.

Role of QA Software in modern application development

QA is a vast task which comprises of several sub-tasks. These can vary highly depending on size of the organisation, but at the simplest level QA process is responsible for creating a quality deliverable. Then simply put, QA software is what is employed by the team to make that quality deliverable. Software requirements are always changing and new objectives are added, it is responsibility of a QA software to ensure that these newly added objectives/requirements doesn't affect software quality adversely.

QA Software is not only used by testers or QA professionals, but also by developers and C-level executive or other share holders to track quality trends overtime. As applications grow more and more sophisticated, QA softwares are also getting more and more complicated, that is why it matters to find a tool that fits your team's needs.

Why use QA software instead of spreadsheets?

Spreadsheets are what we'd call a duct-tape solution to a big problem. It might work for tiny projects, but as your project grows - you'll definitely need to look for more sophisticated solutions.

To put this in perspective, if you've developed a simple microservice that only handles two functions, you might be able to get away with using spreadsheets, as two simple functions translates to very limited amount of test cases. Also, the development team might be a single person for such a project. But trouble occurs when new functions are added, and how these functions interact with each other.

So you'll need to document expected behavior from this microservice for all your end points in all configurations/given parameters.

Test Collab - QA Software

Test Collab is one of such QA software that helps development teams ensure software quality. It helps managing software test cases, delegating test executions to testers, tracking test metrics and test data and much more. The workflow is flexible so team can determine themselves how and when testing would take place in your application development lifecycle.

Are you a part of team that needs quality control?... you cannot go wrong with Test Collab!

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