Our latest addition: Execution templates, because we love DRY

Abhimanyu Grover
September 17, 2015

Creating same kind of test executions is a hassle, especially when you find yourself selecting same set of cases again and again. Test Collab introduces a feature of Execution Templates with this release, and as the name suggests, based on these templates new Test Executions can be created quickly.

Test execution creation process requires the user to select the set of suites having the test cases that he wants to be executed and the tester who will be responsible to execute them.

This is quite simple and straightforward process, but what if the user has to create the test executions with same set of test suites to be assigned to the same group of testers, at the time of every product release (say for regressions tests or integration tests) ? Execution templates come handy at the times where the similar kind of assignment process is to be repeated time and again.

With execution templates you can now have one or more test case selection criteria defined on the basis of test suites and / or tags. Each criterion can have one or more testers selected for it.

Once an execution template is defined, new test executions can be created on its basis and they will automatically have test cases matching the selection criteria defined. All desired test cases will also get automatically assigned to designated testers.

More details on the feature are available here.