Start of our Test Case Management software

Abhimanyu Grover
January 5, 2011

Not too long ago, we realized that we don't have a very efficient testing procedure in place along with our release cycles. We were infact doing worst at testing when compared to other processes.

The problems were:

1. Testing was done by testers in isolation and reporting was terrible manual using spreadsheets. There was nothing concrete which we could refer as "Test Execution report".

2. Unless there was a major visible test failure, no one in the team cared about results.

3. Releases were delayed many times because of last minute test failures.

4. And as a famous book Pragmatic Programmer says:

Design to Test : Start thinking about testing before you write a line of code.

We were not following that very well even when we wanted to. Guess why? Because there was no space where we could keep throwing list of our test cases.That was the time when we realized that we really needed to fill this gap in order to improve our software quality, and that is when we began looking for a test case management software which would fit in our needs. After trying several softwares, we concluded that not a single software was meant for us. Out of 7-8 softwares we tried, we found out 50% of them were old school and are no more suitable for "agile methodology", others were either too closed to customize with our internal process, or were too terrible at reporting/collaboration, or were too expensive for a small business like us. So we decided to develop one ourselves focusing on agility and something which could be easily integrated with your existing processes easily.