Involve everyone in team to your testing process

[pullquote_right]“Testing is a skill. While this may come as a surprise to some people it is a simple fact.” – Graham Fewster[/pullquote_right]

First of all, by testing process, I mean creation of new test cases, execution of tests and compiling the stats into important business conclusions. Be it your developer, designer, tester, manager, CEO or the guy that delivers pizza to your office. In some companies, I’ve observed it is completely left on testers to maintain and execute tests. Don’t be one of them.

I think you should involve everyone to your testing process and here’s why:

1. More members mean more cases. It also means more time to execute, but prioritizing tests will overcome that issue.

2. Developers alone can’t lay down all the test cases. For UI testing, it’s equally important for a designer to submit some test cases which shall be checked from time to time.

3. Every team member has different set of interests where they are at their best. Let them think over what tests should be performed on such areas.

4. An idea for test case can strike at the speed of light in every other team member’s brain anytime. If you will have a ready to use platform, they will use it which will add to the product’s quality. Also, see a hypothetical case study on this.

5. Everyone sees things differently, so if you get more team members to execute tests you will see different type of feedback coming.

At the end, what matters is your commitment to testing. But Test Collab automatically encourages whole teams to take part in testing process once you start using it, and tries making testing a habit in organization.

Ok, maybe not pizza guy.

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About the Author

Abhimanyu is founder of Test Collab, a test case management tool. Test Collab makes your testing more productive and efficient by enabling teams to collaborate in real-time.