Paste images from clipboard, pdf export, ui enhancements and much more…

Shriti Grover
November 3, 2022

Today we've released three new features and number of improvements!

New Feature- Paste images from clipboard

You can now easily copy/paste images from your clipboard on test steps, description, comments etc.. No ore wasted time in download and uploading images!

New Feature- Bulk export in pdf format

Now, you can also test cases and test results in bulk in pdf format too. You can apply various filters and export pdf in a single click!

New Feature- Comment column and filter for Test Plans

You can now see total number of comments posted on each test case in a test plan and can also use filters to  find test cases where a comment is posted, so you do have to waste your precious time to find a needle in a haystack!

Enhancement- Test case selection enhancements

You can now select test cases using various filters and keep selecting test cases and system will remember your selected test case for test plan creation or bulk actions  

Enhancement-  Bulk actions UI is now improved

Enhancement-  Shortcut to edit test case on test case grid for easier accessibility

Enhancement-  Toggle for full screen is now added on test case view panel