Test Case Versioning with Test Collab

Abhimanyu Grover
October 14, 2015

During your application life cycle a lot of new changes are made to existing features, and when these features change, so does your test cases. Do you know Test Collab stores all revisions of your test case? So every time you make a change in your test case, the old revision is automatically stored. This means you can keep track of such changes over time.

At times this information can be of great help, say, you are a test engineer and you are looking at the executions from 3 months back for ’Feature A’, and you want to know how exactly this test case was executed back then. But there have been a lot of improvements in ’Feature A’ in your application in last 3 months, and so obviously test cases associated with that feature are also changed several times.

Test Collab will take care of such scenarios by automatic versioning of all your test cases and storing each revision. It will also store reference of the test case’s revision # which was executed, so you can view the same.