Test Collab 1.2 launched with new deployment options: VirtualBox and middleware package

Abhimanyu Grover
May 21, 2013

With the current release 1.2, we introduce trial version for self hosted in middleware and Virtual machine format. So far trial was available only on our hosted platform, but now you can try Test Collab on your own infrastructure for 30 days. To choose right package for you, please go to our new trial page.

Apart from that we’ve introduced some new features and bug fixes. Here’s the complete change log:

  • 4397 Bug Hierarchy of Test Suites not shown correctly on test case add page
  • 4358 Documentation Multiple user integration not documented
  • 4331 Documentation Document jira custom fields integration process
  • 4024 Bug Deleted Execution’s name missing on activity on production
  • 4023 Bug In production, attachments are always private irrespective of settings
  • 3983 Bug No permission for requirement
  • 3981 Bug Incomplete info on activities
  • 3979 Bug ‘Filter By Requirements’ did not work for limited rights user
  • 3975 Bug Tracability Matrix could be seen even when user had ‘No Access’ to requirements module
  • 3927 Feature Automatic redirection to the requested page after user has logged in
  • 3913 Bug Names of deleted milestones and executions not shown in activity list
  • 3845 Bug Custom field not shown with issue created on JIRA
  • 3809 Bug Warnings related to resources especially Images
  • 3807 Enhancement Suites drop down’s structure on upload CSV page
  • 3804 Bug Suite name same as deleted suite is not allowed
  • 3664 Bug Suite not shown expanded, when its case was being viewed while navigating on suites dashboard
  • 3643 Bug Editing a test or a suite makes it last child of its parent suite.
  • 3642 Bug Changing suite of a test cases doesn’t update sort order on test case
  • 3580 Bug Breadcrumb missing on milestone view page
  • 3549 Feature Ability to send emails to all administrator
  • 3305 Feature Copy test case functionality