Test Collab v1.12 released: Introducing Test Plans, Improved Requirements Management and coverage reports

Abhimanyu Grover
November 3, 2015
This feature has been deprecated

We’re proud to announce our latest release Test Collab v1.12, which introduces Test Plans, an in-built requirements management engine, new coverage reports: for entire project, version-wise and module-wise and several enhancements and bug fixes.

Test Plans

You can now contain multiple test executions under one entity, i.e., test plan. Besides acting as a parent for multiple test executions, you can also use test plans to mix-and-combine multiple configuration values for creating multiple test executions. Consider this example:

You have one web app that needs to be tested with browsers: IE, Chrome and Firefox on OS: Ubuntu and Windows.
With Test Plans you’ll just select the configurations and cases to execute, it’ll automatically create multiple 3 x 2 = 6 test executions.
Learn more about Test Plans.

In-built Requirements

So far you only had an option to use external sources or your issue manager as requirements engine, but this limited many of you to do things. So we decide to make our own requirements manager. You can create requirements in form of features and scenarios, contain them in versions or group them in modules. You can also track coverage report for requirements project-wise, version-wise of component-wise.
Learn more:
Requirements Management
Coverage Report
Managing Versions and Modules

Both these features open up a lot of possibilities for teams. Stay tuned on our blog for upcoming detailed examples and how-tos.